The creative artistry of Kevin Atkinson can not be overstated.  He is a printmaker, cloak maker, Didgeridoo maker and player.  He has been involved in several print workshops at the Fitzroy Gallery in Gertrude Street Melbourne, exhibitions at the Shepparton Art Gallery and, notably the Punna Biganga (Possum Skin Cloak) exhibition.  His design was used on the cloak that was worn in the Commonwealth Games in 2006.   
Kevin Atkinson Kevin Atkinson Art

Mrs. Irene Thomas is a unique artist whose creativity is equaled only by her enthusiasm.  She has been involved in several art exhibitions, including the Punna Biganga (Possum Skin Clock) exhibition at the Shepparton Art Gallery and will be part of the Shepparton Art Gallery and Bangerang Cultural Centre’s ‘Black and White Vintage Art Show.  The show will be drawing on Aboriginal Elders and senior non-Aboriginal artists to showcase their artistic flair and talent at an exhibition at the gallery.
Irene Thomas
Colin Tass is an emerging artist and visual art student at Shepparton Koorie Art & Design at the GOTAFE. He is also a talented didgeridoo player.  His art work is a unique blend of contemporary and traditional cultural themes, images and inspiration from the natural environment, reflecting his artistic background which is representative of his cultural beliefs, spiritual awareness and individuality. Colin Tass
Julie Bamblett is a very creative artist, with a background as a self-taught artist, involved in many visual art projects in the medium of painting, drawing, printmaking and mural/mosaic design. Julie Bamblett
Roland Atkinson is an emerging artist and visual art teacher at GOTAFE.  Many of the artistic projects he has been involved in, such as printmaking, painting and didgeridoo making have sparked new directions for his work and encouraged him to broaden his approach to it. Roland Atkinson


Photographs of Artisits and Prints by Leo Prestia